Facebook ChatBot

A revolutionary, most powerful marketing software for Facebook. The magic part of Braiweb Facebook Master is to send promotional messages to pages old & new messenger leads, where all other services allow to send only non-promotional messages & new leads.



There is only one problem. And it's a pretty big one.The Facebook Marketing learning curve is so huge, you will spend months trying to figure things out. To stumble around, only to have things change on you AGAIN.Trust us when we say we had to learn that the hard way. We had our simple automation hack set up only to have it crushed because we took too long.So we went back to the drawing board. Hammered out test after test after test. Until what we spit out was nothing short of the ultimate game-changer.


Dominate FB traffic and leapfrog ALL your competition by turning cold FB leads into blazing HOT, ready-to-buy customers using this Super Simple Messenger Bot automation hack. It takes care of everything from head to toe, from start to finish, so you won’t need to go elsewhere to search for answers or opportunities.


Replacement for email marketing
Auto comment tools
Page Inbox & Notification manager
Marketing tool for Facebook
Bulk message campaign
Facebook lead generator

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