Restaurants are struggling to survive We can help them thrive. Help us transform
the food delivery market
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WHY you should consider investing in the food delivery industry

Technology Disruption.

$160 Billion global market is ripe for platform / technology disruption.

Over 60% Growth

Agiza24 is growing fast. Over 60% M/M growth for the last 6 months.

25 yrs of Experience

Executive team with over 25 years combined experience in technology & organization.

Give Back Control

We exist to give control of online ordering back to restaurants and the communities they serve.

Restaurants are struggling to survive. Together, we can help them thrive.

The pandemic changed the way restaurants engage with their guests. Online ordering and delivery is here to stay. But right now, restaurants aren’t getting a fair deal.

Most companies promise to bring new customers to restaurants. Over time, their loyal customers also make the switch to the apps. These companies cannibalize their existing customer base by attracting them to other restaurants and by reducing the margin they can make on every transaction. Even now, as restaurants reopen, the vast majority are experiencing the increase in operating costs.

Restaurants have lost control of the food delivery transactions, damaging their reputation, guest loyalty & profits.

We believe restaurants that harness technology to deliver a better guest experience, directly, will be prosperous now and in the future. It's our mission to help them do just that.



Agiza24 is an On-Demand logistics-based startup that acts as an intermediary between merchants & prospective buyers who wish to get products from local merchants delivered at their doorstep.

A flagship business of BraiWeb Technologies, that currently delivers on-demand food from partner restaurants but is modeling itself to be a generalized logistics startup in the long run.

Its business model is designed to enable users to find a restaurant & order food. It gives restaurants access to extended customer base. Over and above it offers people employment for delivering food.


The holistic solution that Restaurateurs were waiting for

The food delivery ecosystem requires further disruption. As it currently stands, restaurants are beholden to the large “food app” companies. Rather than maximizing profits and cultivating relationships with their customers, restaurants are increasingly forced to operate as subcontractors to the food app companies, who in turn control the customer experience and eat into the already thin profit margins of a restaurant. 

Restaurants deserve better. They deserve the tools to connect directly with their guests, nurture these customer relationships, and be paid fairly for the love and care they put into the art of making food.

Agiza24 is the answer for restaurants…

Using the Agiza24 platform, restaurants can increase the percentage of revenue they keep by nearly 40% since Agiza24 charges no more than 5% per transaction.

BraiWeb management team has the right vision, and they are trying to solve the right problem. They also have the right experience to execute on this vision.

For investors, the opportunity is enormous. In Tanzania, the initial markets for Agiza24, there are more than 200k restaurants processing millions of orders per year for an estimated $3.5B in 2022.

If Agiza24 were to capture 2% of the market, processing a modest 4 orders per day, annual revenue would exceed $3M, with enormous upside in these markets and globally.

With Agiza24, restaurants are in control of each food delivery transaction.

We're protecting restaurants reputation, nurturing relationships with their customers & driving more profits.




A multi-sided platform for online ordering and delivery, that leverages loyalty to the things customers care about & directly connects customers with restaurants.

Agiza24 takes a small fee (5%) per order processed on the platform. In the future, restaurants will be able to opt in to pay an extra fee to attract new customers.

Easy order menu - 
Consumers can quickly order food with single step checkout flows using wen and mobile App available on Google and App store

Our menu interface is built around pictures of the food. Pictures drive larger ticket totals, increasing restaurant revenue and profit.

Fun virtual server -
Our system presents a fun, virtual server with 12 unique moods, They make the ordering experience, friendly and fun.

Restaurant on a phone - 
All the power of Easy Order, Table Scheduling and Delivery. Direct condensed into mobile and desktop app.

Walk a Meal -
Driver application to empower neighborhood community members to earn extra cash delivering meals by foot, bicycles or motorbike.

BraiWeb is building a low-cost footprint company by leveraging talent across the country and by fostering a community of purpose driven people who are dedicated to supporting local businesses, restaurants included.

We reward our community, to grow our community.

BraiWeb offers community reward points. These points work give members a stake in any financial success we have. We are serious about financial inclusion and have allocated about 30% of the company to this program. Community rewards are given for varying contributions to the mission. Examples include:

  • Restaurateurs who help us establish a critical mass of restaurants in a new location or give feedback on new technologies before release.
  • Ambassadors who refer other restaurants to our products.
  • Community members who help other restaurants get set up, trained and operational.
  • And many more...

We believe broad financial inclusion will make a bigger pie, faster - a delicious pie we can all enjoy together.

registered restaurants

We have early market traction


We have restaurants in 2 cities across Zanzibar & Dar es Salaam.

In March 2021, we went live with our first chain (6 restaurants)

To date 1,182 orders processed through platform

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