Don’t Be A Dancing Bear On Social Media – If You Want To Grow Your Audience And Email List FAST

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Today I want to talk about the differences between building an email list, and building a large audience on social media… We talked about this briefly yesterday, but I want to dive into this subject in more detail for you.

Both have their purposes, but few people understand how they should be used strategically, and built intelligently…

At least once a week, someone tells me that “email marketing is dead”, and that it’s all about social media now.

Well… Is it true? Are they right?

It depends.

What the question really communicates is a lack of understanding about either type of channel and the advantages of each.

So should you build a large social media following, or a large email list? The answer is, BOTH.

Here’s the way I look at it…

In order to build a large audience or email list, it starts with attention.

You need to get the attention of a lot of people (1,000’s) every single day for a long period of time.

There’s two ways to do that…

1: You can become the “dancing bear” and essentially host your own social media show as you document and post your life 60 seconds at a time, 10 times per day on Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, or Facebook.

While this is incredibly effective at getting people to know, like, and trust you, it’s a horrible way to actually build a company.

First, it’s a treadmill you can never get off of. The moment you stop posting, your influence starts fading, so dance bear, dance, and don’t ever stop…

Second, you have no control over who sees your posts.

Over the past few years, every single platform has introduced algorithms that control how many of your followers actually see your posts. And the numbers aren’t good. On average, only 1 in 10 people will even see the post you just made.

For example, my Facebook Fan Page has 82,000 followers, and yet only a tiny fraction of them will see my posts unless I pay Facebook $250 – $500 to “Boost” each and every post I want seen. These aren’t strangers… The are my fans who expect to hear from me, and yet I have zero control over that unless I pay up. The same goes for Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

2: The second way to get the attention of 1,000’s of people per day, is what I do, (and what I’d suggest you do…)

I buy it.

Instead of getting people’s attention doing the dancing bear routine every day, I simply advertise on these platforms.

For example… A few months ago I spent about 20 minutes making this short video ad. Since then it’s been viewed by over 1 million people.

So yes, social media platforms can be great at getting the attention of lots of people systematically.

But in order to buy that kind of attention every day, it obviously takes money.

And that’s where email comes into the picture…

Building an email list has a few huge advantages over social media…

First, it isn’t controlled by a faceless algorithm.

If you subscribe to my email list, you’re going to get my emails.

Second, email is where business takes place.

Social media is essentially for entertainment and distraction.

Email is for serious matters and important communications… Receipts, airline tickets, verification, password recovery, personal messages, and business communications, all take place via email.

And for these reasons, email is still by far and away, the most effective tool at driving sales.

When it comes to selling a product or service, I will take 1,000 active email readers, over a Facebook fan page with 100,000 fans, any day of the week.

And that’s exactly why all of the attention we buy on Facebook through our ad campaigns, is pointed directly to one thing… An email capture page.

We’re taking the ocean of low quality attention on Facebook, and distilling it down to high quality attention via email.

100% of our sales and revenue comes from email subscribers. 100%.

So is email dead?

Well here’s how we did in 2017…

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