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Dear fellow Networker,

If you aren’t seeing the results you want in your network marketing business, then the chances are, you don’t know about THIS secret.

While most networkers continue struggle with the same old tired, outdated recruiting & sponsoring tactics, there are an elite few harnessing this powerful secret to make an absolute fortune in network marketing…

And the crazy thing is, no body else in this industry has ever shared this with you. That’s until now.

Hi, My name is  Lusabara Essau, and in the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal this controversial secret to you, so pay very close attention.

Now I have to WARN you, we may decide to take this page down at any time (you’ll understand why in a second) and I don’t want you to miss out!

The days of...

making a list of your warm market, chasing your friends and family, cold-calling leads, and showing the plan… are dead!

Ok, maybe they aren’t dead. Not yet anyway 🙂

But they are certainly outdated. Totally inefficient and a complete waste of time for most people.

Besides, I don’t know about you, but I never found any of those old-school methods even the least bit enjoyable. In fact, building a network marketing business the way you and I were taught by our upline leaders and network marketing companies… Just Plain Sucks!

I mean seriously, how much fun is it when your friends ignore you and stop returning your calls? 

I remember every time someone would laugh, scoff or make fun of me, it was like a slap in the face. And every time I would feel rejection like that, all I wanted to was to them wrong…

So I would work even harder, waste more time calling people who weren’t interested, spend more money than I could afford on seminars, books and CD’s… but only I ended up further in debt and more frustrated than ever before.

So, after years of trying, struggling and failing, here’s what I finally figured out…

The ineffective, outdated methods being preached by your upline and MLM company are not only a waste of time…

But they’re the #1 reason why so many network marketing hopefuls eventually end up failing miserably, become burnt out and leave this industry and yet these ineffective, ridiculous tactics are STILL being proliferated by old school networkers.

Well, if you’re  still STRUGGLING to build the business you were promised when you first got started… IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

You NOW understand that there is a 100% chance that YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO… right? 🙂

And, it’s a time to hear the TRUTH…

Today, I will expose you to the 3 BIG LIES you hear everyday from your network marketing company and or your upline…

Are you ready?

Well… let’s start with the…

Lie #1

Your MLM company is your business

Look at the agreement you signed when you first joined your MLM… we are ‘SALES REPRESENTATIVES’ of that company… we are ‘REPS.’

That does NOT make us business owners…

(your company’s owners want you to think it is because all they want is you to focus solely on bringing them customers & reps…)


Your mlm is not your business. Not your company, nor it's products, nor it's compensation plan.

YOU are your business (NOT your MLM)… it’s YOU, Incorporated… and your MLM company is one of your revenue streams. (and it can be a HUGE piece of your business)

But the fact is network marketing companies…

  • change comp plans
  • change business models
  • change directions
  • leadership crumbles
  • go out of business

Your family’s future & income should NEVER 100% depend on your network marketing company being around forever.

And if you have all your eggs in one basket, and you are branded to the company, what happens if God forbid something happens to the company and YOUR income disappears?!

It’s like building your business like a house of cards if you promote & brand your MLM up-front…

STOP Promoting your MLM up-front! You are playing with FIRE, NONE of the top earners do it, and it doesn’t work. Do NOT become another horror story who’s sole source of income vanishes overnight.


Look at all the leaders you love, adore, and follow online… they have built a brand. And now it’s YOUR turn to build YOUR brand… and with our helpyou can get started immediately!

Sadly, network marketing companies come and go all the time, they change compensation plans, their founders change the direction of the company, and YOU are at their mercy… NO MORE!

You’re about to create an insurance policy for your business like you’ve never seen before as you begin to BRAND YOU, Incorporated!

Because once you start creating VALUE for your audience, you will start to build trust and gain influence… Once this happens, the people will start to be magnetically attracted to you and your brand…

And this is where you start to realize and manifest the dream business you were promised when you first got started, and the flood gates to financial freedom start to open… #BINGO!

It isn’t MAGIC, it’s more SCIENCE… and this Framework and Formula has been working for our students…

Lie #2

Everyone with a pulse is your prospect

Everyone is NOT your prospect. The 5-foot rule does NOT work for 99.99999999% of people… and is NOT duplicable.

Question: How many people on your team do you think would want to approach strangers within 5 feet of them… and pitch a business opportunity on the first handshake?!

Answer: This is next to IMPOSSIBLE for the average person just getting started who tends to be more introverted than extroverted.

Contrary to what you have been told, Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is NOT who you are looking for…


You should only only be speaking to your target market

And as a network marketer, one of your BEST target markets is people who are already IN the network marketing profession, and / or people looking to get started in it…

And EVERY single network marketer’s BIGGEST challenges are…

  • Fresh people to talk to daily (leads / prospects)
  • Cashflow (customers / reps)

Just give your #1 target market what they want!

(people who actually want to BUY your products & services).

Give your target market what they want, and you'll get what you want! (which is customers, sales, and reps)

As a network marketer, one of your BEST target markets is people who are already IN the profession OR people looking to get started in network marketing… and EVERY single network marketer wants more leads and fresh prospects to talk to…

So instead of pitching and spamming your products and opportunity on Facebook like everybody else, which does NOT work and keeps you broke…

You could learn a little bit about generating leads online because that’s what THEY (your target market) wants… And that’s where we come in!

And then you simply create a tiny piece of content that teaches what you’ve learned to your audience (which is what they actually want), and they will LOVE you for it… Don’t worry, we will teach you step-by-step how to do this in a way that gets more customers and reps in YOUR company!

And we actually have all of this DONE FOR YOU!

A page like this is like the front door to a pizza shop… Without a page like this in YOUR business, there is no front door to your business…

And it’s going to be tough to get customers into your business if you have no front door! (more on this in just a second).

Lie #3

Post your opportunity & products all over facebook & social media

NOTE: If you have been told to spam your presentation link on Facebook, in Facebook Groups, through messenger and all over social media, STOP IT! (again, this isn’t your fault… this is just the marketing you have been taught by people who know NOTHING about marketing)

Here’s the reality of growing a network marketing business:

Start creating content that serves your audience, and you will effortlessly get sales and sign-up reps.


You should be creating Valuable Content for your target audience

How do you gain trust? How do you build relationships with your prospects fast?

Simple… Instead of pitching and spamming, you…


Once you do that, people will actually be open and eager to learn more about your products and services… and they will happily buy from you over and over again!

Said differently,

Start creating content that serves your audience, and you will effortlessly get sales and sign-up reps.

If you are in the health and wellness industry, this is an example of a piece of content you could create that serves your audience...

If you are in the health and wellness industry and your target market is people who want to lose weight… Instead of spamming “hey, buy my weight loss supplement” like every other broke networker in the company…

You could create a tiny simple cheat-sheet. This cheat-sheet could include a quick recipe that helps burn fat first thing in the morning… and it just so happens that the final ingredient in that recipe is YOUR magic supplement. #BINGO

The piece of content above is VALUE that prospects in the health & wellness space would actually want to consume (vs pitching and spamming).

This is how you start the relationship, and how you become a Top Earner in YOUR business!

And YES, we have software and tools that allow you to do this without ANY technical knowledge, programming, or experience… and YES, we guide you every step of the way.

The possibilities are endless as you become a REAL marketer that creates REAL value in the marketplace by serving YOUR target market (again, we will teach you how to physically do this in YOUR specific business to get more customers & reps)

And the example above is how YOU become a person of VALUE, create content that SERVES your audience, and get people to know, like, and trust you!

In a nutshell this is what we call…


Let's re-cap...

Lie #1

Your MLM company is your business - wrong


you are NOT in your business

Lie #2

Everyone with a pulseis your prospect – wrong


you should only be speaking to your target market

Lie #3

Post your opportunity & products all over social media – wrong


You should be creating valuable content for your target audience

And you MUST know this…

If your company or upline is telling you to not leverage the internet, run! They are stuck in a lack mentality that is rooted in fear. And if you don’t learn and use this ‘internet stuff,’ your team is going to leave you for someone who will.

There are literally BILLIONS of prospects you can connect with through the internet that you can help, serve, and sign-up into YOUR company… and you can do it all from the comfort of your home even while you sleep.

Saying ‘don’t use the internet’ is like going back to the horse and buggy as a primary mode of transportation knowing that we have put a man inside of a rocket and landed him on the moon!

How fast would you like to grow YOUR business? At which speed would YOU like to see success?

Old School, Antiquated, ZERO Leverage.

(Horse and buggy speed)


New School, Futuristic, Boundless Potential

(We put a man in a rocket and landed him on the moon speed)

It’s the 21st century my friend… embrace it, and leverage the amazing tools of our time at our fingertips!

YES, the internet can be a scary jungle out there and a LOT to navigate by yourself… but from this day forward you are not alone.

Which leads me to a VERY important question…

Would you like our help to put all of this in place for your business so that you can become a top earner in your company, and create financial freedom for you and your family?!

If so, we want to introduce you to a life-changing Lead System known as ‘QPAS’ that has helped create tens of thousands of success stories, built some of the BIGGEST top earners you see online today, and is scientifically engineered to help you get more customers, recruit more reps, and become a Top Earner in YOUR MLM!


A lead system that...

Can enroll as much 90% or more of the people you can talk to or into your business...

Without rejection, or awkward conversations, or feeling like a sales person - machinga!

Well, I want you to IMAGINE a beautiful story…

Imagine fresh quality prospects coming to you every single day who are interested in your products, services, and business opportunity with cash in hand ready to buy & join you… 😀

And I want you to IMAGINE this beautiful dream business unfolding as you sit in your pajamas from the comfort of your home leveraging the most powerful invention of our time, the internet

If this sounds good to you, well my friend you are in the right place, and this program could change your life forever… keep reading…


What You Get With QPAS Lead System

Your own lead signup pages... The lead hits your admin portal

YES! You read that right! You’re own lead signup pages. They will work for desktop, but there ready to ROCK with mobile.

Your own website makes you out to be the rockstar!

It’s important that you look GOOD!  If you don’t look good don’t expect your clients to want what you have. 

This Lead System is going to make you look like the ROCK-STAR you were destined to be.

Your own lead system to sell your products! Right out of the gate!

You set the price! You keep 100% of the sale. Remember this is YOUR business. We’re just proving you with the tools to do it!

As a network marketer...

one of your best target markets is people who are already in the profession or people looking to get started in network marketing...

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