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We’ll transform your website into a high-performance marketing machine that captures leads, nurtures them and generates sales on autopilot. nowyou too can... [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] image image image image image image image
Now you too can...

Get A Beautiful, Result-Driven, Custom-Designed Website That Captures Your Essence

We’ll transform your website into a high-performance marketing machine that captures leads, nurtures them and generates sales on autopilot.


This Offer is Limited to the Right 25* businesses –
by application only. (
Only 19 Spots Left)

Secure your spot with a $200 refundable application deposit

Dear fellow Business Owner,

If you’ve been thinking of redesigning or re-branding your brand site, I’ve got an amazing opportunity for you.

We’re looking for established companies, home business, authors, speakers, coaches  and thought-leaders in the entrepreneurial world to create customized brand sites for… at such a bargain that you’d think something suspect must be going on.

I’ll explain WHY we’re doing this seemingly mad idea in a minute, but if the above description fits you, here’s what we want to do for you:

We want to build you a highly customized website that’s in total alignment with your image, your goals, your philosophy, and your brand. A website that doesn’t just support or enhance your message… but one that amplifies it.

You’ll be getting the business brand site that not only makes you look amazing and stand out from the crowd, but more importantly one that will build your list, generate you leads, and convert visits into sales.

Because we understand usability and persuasion architecture, your website will be built with your ideal prospects in mind as well as your larger marketing plans and strategies. You won’t just be getting a mere brochure – you’ll be getting the ultimate marketing vehicle that will generate you greater profits for the long-term.

We’ll have it all done and delivered in 90 days or less 😀

You may be asking 🤔…

So why we're doing this?

In the interest of complete transparency, I’ll tell you our exact selfish motives for making this offer (it’s not about the money).

But first let me tell you a bit about company’s history so you could put things in your proper context…


My name is Lusabara Essau, I’m the Head of Growth at Braiweb Technologies, an agency that combines digital direct-response marketing, design, technology and marketing know-how to create not only beautiful online assets, but also well-executed campaigns and persuasive online marketing funnels.

We have become the trusted go-to-agency whom many of the high-level portfolios have relied on to build their business brand sites (as well as develop many of the mechanisms driving their online businesses).

I admit – we charge top dollar. You’ll typically pay upwards of $10K to get us to create you a personal brand site. (And that’s if we resonate with your business values and purpose.)

Here are our reason and how they open up a rare opportunity for you...

a steal of a deal that you’ll probably never come across ever again!

First… because most websites lose. Almost all of them.

Many of them never make a profit. Like chocolate teapots, they look nice but fop as soon as you pour hot customers into them.

Others are successful at first, and then get pushed out of business by their competitors. We want to buck the trend, to make your website that customers love and that are outrageously profitable. The website that has the ability to transform your business and your career. Really. That’s an extraordinary claim—and extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

So here goes:

This offer is based on experimentally proven facts—not theory!

Have you ever looked at a company’s marketing materials and wondered, “Does this really make people buy?”

We have.

You see, the majority of web design and copywriting is still in the pre-scientific age. The average webpage was designed less scientifically than the average toilet brush.

Most web designers rely on inspiration, not experimentation. They are oblivious to what works and what doesn’t. They violate proven principles.

We want to change that.

Creating pages that visitors love and that convert like crazy.

This offer focuses on improving your website—because that’s what we do

For I and you understand, let’s get back to the history…

In the 1990s, websites were designed for designers, whose goals were typically (1) to use the project as an opportunity to learn the technologies (Flash, XML, CSS, and others) and (2) to populate their portfolios to show of their newfound capabilities. It wasn’t uncommon for a website to be impossibly difficult to use.

In 2000, websites were designed for search engines.
To get trafc from search engines, webmasters obsessed over search engine optimization (SEO), making websites “search engine friendly.” Unfortunately, the search engines, which were still primitive, accidentally rewarded some practices that were very user-unfriendly, including pages that staffed with keywords to the point of being illegible, light gray text on a white background, and “links pages” with endless reciprocal links.

In 2010, websites were designed for companies.
Search engines had become less trickable, and so agencies
became free to focus on what their clients wanted. And what
did the clients want? Well, some of them wanted quirky diagonal navigation bars, some wanted parallax scrolling, and some wanted spiny icons. Others wanted best practices, crammed with marketing techniques and things “borrowed” from competitors.

They wanted the kind of thing you see when you browse galleries of website themes.

And that’s where we are today.

However, throughout that period, there were a small number of companies that didn’t follow those trends. These companies, the most successful websites, focus on their customers. Customer-centric design was—and still is—surprisingly rare. The websites look nothing like the ones you see in theme galleries. Customers like them, they visit them often, and they spend a lot. Customer-centric, customer optimized websites are winning.

If you study any one of the winning websites, you’ll find they are built of “engines” of conversion, of perfected landing pages and irresistible offers, of compelling copy and user-friendly interfaces, of viral loops and streamlined order flows. And if you visit the companies themselves, you’ll find that their team members are engineers finely tuning those conversion engines.

Web companies that are struggling, on the other hand, tend to focus on diferent things. Some of them spend their time on brute-force SEO. Others prioritize pretty web design.

Many don’t ever change their websites, because they have created knots of complexity that they can’t change. Of course, those disciplines, and many others, are important.

But we find that they become easy when you have created
a high-converting website.

In this offer, we will focus on what’s essential: Creating pages that visitors love and that convert like crazy.

And that’s where you, along with 24 other businesses, get to benefit, big time

We want to work with real entrepreneurs like you who have a business brand and a message to share, and desire an epic business brand site to make them stand out in their marketplace.

Because only after we’ve crafted these 25 sites will we be able to equip our SAAS program with built-in, ready-to-deploy, easy-to-use, personal-brand-specific tools… and perfect the processes and systems involved and translate them into components of our SAAS program. It’s how we’ll be able to make it into a DIY solution that will come armed with enough variations and options that users can combine to create something personalized and unique to them.

Sounds good?

I’m not done yet…🤓

Second… after we build a bunch of breathtaking, intelligently-crafted sites, we would be able to leverage them as portfolio.

Basically, we want the BEST business brand site portfolio, displaying the top Tanzania companies!

We also have such a passion for design and we think it’s tragic to see such well-known companies don’t nearly measure up to their true greatness, message, and impact… all the while losing out on “leads” which means losing out on impacting more lives. We want to put an end to this.

The catch (if you can call it that) is we’re going to use much of the structure we create for you in future templates for your industry and we’ll work closely with you for feedback to make sure we get it 100% right for you.

This is a one-time, win-win opportunity.

Now this doesn’t mean that you’ll have a bunch of cookie cutter competitor sites modeled after yours. Since your website will be one of our best advertisements or social proof, we won’t rest until we’re both happy with the outcome. We’re going to do our absolute damn best to make your site is the best in your industry, because we want it to be a model for what’s possible.

I’m truly confident that this is the best custom company brand site option available on the market today. The only way I know that you *might* get a “better” (incrementally) business brand site is by hiring one of my friendly competitors to build it for you for $5k – $10k (and a greater investment of your personal time).

Secure your spot with a $200 refundable application deposit

Making it easy for you...

We'll deliver your beautiful website in several simple steps

Before we build your site, we’ll first develop a clear understanding of your business, your vision, your brand, voice, message, your overall business goals, target audience, and the conversion goal of each page, among other things. We call this your website’s Vision Blueprint, and will be creating it with your Project Manager through our intake questionnaire.


Business Insight

Simply fill out the “Business Insights Questionnaire” (we’ll email it to you after your application gets approved)

Vision Blueprint

We’ll create each page of your site as per your Vision Blueprint. You’ll always have access to see how this progresses.

Copy Formular

Provide us with your website copy for each page. We have certain systems in place to help support you in this like copy formulas for certain web pages.

End Result

Give us feedback and then we’ll do the revisions accordingly until we’re both happy with the end result.

Your website’s Vision Blueprint will ensure we’re all on the same page and we bring your vision to life as accurately as possible. You’ll always have the chance to collaborate with your designated Project Manager and you’ll be able to give us feedback.

Results driven...

Here’s what you’ll get in your beautiful, results-driven website…

Bring your vision to life – with total congruence!

Get an unfair competitive advantage. We will create a system that effectively clarifies & extracts your big ideas from your head and heart into an actionable, definitive blueprint quickly and easily, which then enables my team to translate your vision into reality. You won’t ever get stuck. Plus your designated project manager will be there every step of the way.

Drive leads with a custom opt-in form

We only use the latest designs that are proven to convert well so that you build your list quicker and generate high-quality leads. We’ll integrate your custom opt-in form with your email marketing service. If you have “lead magnets” or free content that you want to give away to entice email subscribers, we can also create a custom graphic design for that to make your opt-in form much more compelling.

Stunning homepage that expresses your essence

You can tell us what elements you want on your homepage. We have a range of sample home pages you can choose from to make things easier. And if you’re ever unsure, we could advise on what might work best based on your business goals and the nature of your offers.

Tell your story with a custom about page

You can choose a layout based on one of our most popular formats. We even have tips and ‘best practice’ tutorials to help guide you on what your About page should say to help you attract high-quality clients/customers.

Personalize your brand colors and logo

If you already have a style-guide, we’ll follow it to a T. But if you’d like our branding expertise for a new style, we’re happy to give you a makeover with a basic text logo and our branding process and suggestions.

Sell your services and products

We can create custom graphics for your offers and even advise you on what layout or design elements might work best to make your products and services page more persuasive.

Your tools, resources and recommendations

Create goodwill and build a stronger relationship with your audience by giving away free content, resources, or by listing tools they might find useful. We can build a Resources or Tools page to help you do this.

Custom blog (and/or podcast) page

Position yourself as a thought leader and continue building your online following and community through your blog and/or podcast. We’ll make sure you have one that’s not only easy to update, but one that’s truly an authentic expression of you.

Easy to edit – even if you're not technical

All pages will be easy for you to edit afterward via a drag-and-drop functionality so don’t worry if you’re not technical at all. Frankly, I don’t think you’ll ever get this deal with this level of customization at this price – and delivered by a team as experienced and multi-skilled as us – from anywhere else.

You’ve “been meaning to get this done” forever… here’s your chance to get it right

We understand why, despite knowing you absolutely need to revamp your business brand site, you just haven’t made it a priority.

I myself,  struggled with getting my own brand site exactly how I wanted it to look – for years!

The truth is we don’t always know what we want (or if we do, we find it hard to articulate that vision to the people/designers actually creating it). It’s no easy feat to formulate a clear vision for your website and then communicate that vision so that technically- minded developers and designers could translate it effectively.

Also, it’s hard to find designers and developers who “get you.” You haven’t found the “right” team to capture your unique personality and express it in your online presence. Or the “right team” is too booked up or expensive!

And let’s be honest – you simply haven’t made it a priority because there are plenty of more profitable things to focus on in your life and business.

The good news is we have eliminated all those barriers for you!

You have been warned...

We will do everything in
our power to make your site epic…

However, we want to set some expectations of what we won’t do so we can serve you best:

site transfer or SEO audit is NOT included in this price. However if you do have a current site on your domain and need an SEO-friendly transfer, we will evaluate your site and provide a custom quote for the transfer (likely $1k – $2k depending on complexity). This is because we’re very sensitive to legacy rankings from your existing site and blog.

We won’t take your photos for you!

Though if you need some tips on professional photography for a website, we’ll send over a checklist with preferences to maximize your online image.

We won’t write your copy.

Though we can help with the templates and structures for what you should be writing.

We won’t build in e-commerce, a membership site, or work with your crm

Though if you’re interested in more tech services from Braiweb Team, we can chat and see if we’re a fit to serve you for the long term.

only 25 spots

Limited to 25 spots by application only

The catch is we’re limiting this offer to the right 25 companies only because we’ll only have enough bandwidth for that much, plus we’re aiming to complete them within 90 days or less from date of payment.

Mobile Mockup

This isn’t some scarcity tactic to get you to buy now, we’re honestly only offering what we can confidently fulfill on with the best quality possible from our talented creative team, and to achieve our portfolio goals and impact initiative.

We also want to build this for businesses that meet certain criteria, so we have decided that it’s best to get applications in with an initial deposit of $200 to secure a spot.

So if you are interested in what we are trying to build here, you can apply here.

The $200 fee you pay will serve as a down payment if your application gets accepted, and we’ll refund it to you if your application gets declined. Once accepted, we’ll send you the payment links so you can pay the remaining amount in full (or optionally pay 2 payments of $500).

how much

Choose Your Package


  • Review Your Question
  • Work with Resources
  • Analysis of Your "I Have"
  • Analysis "I Want to Have"
  • Support & Mentoring


  • Review Your Question
  • Work with Resources
  • Analysis of Your "I Have"
  • Analysis "I Want to Have"
  • Support & Mentoring


  • Review Your Question
  • Work with Resources
  • Analysis of Your "I Have"
  • Analysis "I Want to Have"
  • Support & Mentoring

We are known in the online marketing industry as one of the best at what we do. That’s why we are in a position where we typically only work with big businesses, and we charge upwards of $5k+ for creating a business brand site.

But today we’re not offering this at the price of $5k.


For the right 25 businesses only, we’re doing this for only $1200. That’s over 75% off our “regular pricing” for a site like this.

Secure your spot with a $200 refundable application deposit


Don’t just take our word for it – see what clients are saying about our services


We guarantee you’ll love your site

We provide up to 3 revisions per page design (though we often crush it with the first design) to ensure you love every page of your site. However, if you’re not thrilled with your site after the 3 revisions, we’ll keep on working with you until you are. Our guarantee is that simple. This will probably be the only time we’ll offer this level of customization at this price point, and we’re only doing it for the right 25 businesses.

Grab your offer now

Take advantage of this rare and limited opportunity now

The bottom line is we get that what you need ultimately is a business brand site that doesn’t just make heads turn, but one that leaves a lasting mark in the readers’ minds; a site that doesn’t just surprise and delight, but one that moves minds, touches hearts, and ignites people to action.

Now is probably your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a fully customized, beautifully-designed, lead-generating, high-converting, epic Business Brand Site with all the features and functionalities your growing business needs at this price point, so take advantage now while you still can.

Apply now by filling out the application form here to get your Business Brand Site and directly help us lift people out of extreme poverty.

Remember you can take advantage of the 2-part payment plan if you get accepted. Simply pay the first half once you get accepted and the remaining amount will be due upon project completion.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you in making the world a better place through your message, and I’m SO excited to have our team create the beautiful platform your brand deserves. We look forward to working with you personally.

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