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Our goal is to help small business succeed. We believe that small businesses are the engine of our economy and that if we can help more businesses survive and thrive, we will all be better off. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an accomplished one, we’re here for you.


So what's driving the change in our understanding of small businesses?

It wasn’t that long ago that starting a business seemed like a daunting task. 

Way back in the 1990’s, you had to line up manufacturers, negotiate licensing deals, develop sales platforms, create operational efficiencies, and more. A lot of labor was involved, and the learning curve was steep.

And for many small businesses in the past, scale was simply not possible. The result was the traditional mom and pop shop on the main street.

Needless to say, in the past there were many barriers to entry to starting a business. But today, not so much.

Beyond Main Street

Today, the Internet has changed the way we do business… In short, there is no longer just the main street… there are many streets, and you can do business on all of them.

Offices can now be remote. Payments can be processed through smartphones. Crowdfunding — or the process of asking virtual strangers to help pay for your idea — is not only a reality, but ubiquitous.

But perhaps most importantly, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have given businesses the ability to grow beyond their local geography and reach customers both nationwide and globally. These tools allow a small lifestyle company in Dar es Salaam to reach potential clients in Mwanza.

In short, there is no longer just the main street… there are many streets, and you can do business on all of them.

The result of all this is that ideas that once took a large business to execute can now be accomplished by smaller businesses…and they can scale quickly.

Start today for a better tomorrow

The benefit of our time is that the cost of entry (and failure) has significantly gone down since there are often not huge inventories, long leases, and giant payroll liabilities. More than likely the biggest costs are few hundred to a few thousand in technology, website and services.

The point of all this is that you really have no excuse not to start that small business. If you have a passion and an idea, the world is waiting for you. The only thing holding you back is you.

With HELP of BraiWeb Technologies, you get actionable strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically grow sales for your business... in most cases, without spending more on investments.

Tools to help you grow your business

Building a business is all about having the right tools. Today’s marketing isn’t what it was twenty, ten, or even five years ago. It’s no longer enough to just put your product in front of your audience and wait for the customers to come rolling in. Modern marketing efforts require a multifaceted approach across a range of media. Check out our artistry… 


Empowering local chefs and restaurants who partner with us generate new ways to earn, work and live.


The delivery service app that connects business owners and their customers through reliable and efficient delivery partner riders


We are dedicated to helping East Africa students improve their lives by offering an online high school that is easy to use and affordable.


Your number one online shopping solution. You can purchase all your electronics, fashion and more online and have them delivered to you.


We help students discover college opportunities and inspire them to take the first step toward a better career.


ShuleBus App allows parents and educators to follow in REAL TIME the precise location of the school’s buses via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Our clients love working with us

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Ethan Shaw

“BraiWeb team played like a champion every day we worked with them!  They are true professional and know digital marketing.  We had them build an interactive eBook that is filled with great picture, music, video, etc.  They captured our vision for the eBook and we couldn’t be happier with the final product.  I would give BraiWeb our strongest recommendation!”

"This project has been highly leveraged and used for all of the brands and sent to the CEO every month. It has been really successful and gotten a lot of mileage. Overall this has been a great vehicle for us to communicate insights."
Maria Eve
"BraiWeb is everything you could ask for in a marketing agency. They listened to our needs, made sure they understood our market, and created an infographic that delivered 110%. Hire these guys"
Liam Bower
"BraiWeb has been a great partner for many projects. They were able to quickly understand our objectives, brand nuances, and devise content that drove results. They understand digital marketing – creating awesome content tied to effective promotion."

Join the World-Class Technology Powering Our Customers

Our clients achieve amazing results because of our 1-2 combo of expert digital marketers and the insights of our technology platform, BraiWeb Insider. BraiWeb has engineered a custom-built software platform designed to help clients make smarter marketing decisions using tools like IBM Watson and Google Cloud Platform. Get real-time analysis on how your website is performing, what your pipeline looks like, what your competitors are up to, and what opportunities exist in your industry.

Is the place where small business owners and high-level entrepreneurs go to get their next BIG breakthrough… With access to connection, contribution, and collaboration not available anywhere else.

BraiWeb Insider brings together the brightest industry transformers and leaders to help people like you (if you qualify) gain access to the most relevant wisdom and strategies to grow your business and design your best life.

When you have a challenge or problem… Look to your “tribal leaders” in BraiWeb Insider® to help you solve it.

Curated discussions on topics and challenges that are TRULY relevant to you and your business right now, with like-minded individuals who are walking a similar path.
The collaborative and creative environment you NEED to take your business where you want it to go
The tools, techniques, and feedback from those who have been where you’re wanting to go.

Simply put, three things will happen when you join BraiWeb Insider®:

✔ You’ll reach your CURRENT goals.

✔ Your goals will VASTLY expand.

✔ You’ll 10x your ability to achieve ANY new goal.


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BraiWeb Insider® started as a mastermind group to share the most potent and powerful marketing secrets.

We’ve since brought together leaders and industry transformers in not just the marketing field, but in agriculture, science, finance, ecommerce, personal development, health, and way more, all to share wisdom, strategies, and connections to exponentially grow your business and improve your life.

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