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13 million Tanzanians are logging on to Facebook each and every month! Don’t miss out on tapping into this huge market of ‘itchy to buy’ prospects, who spend like sailors on leave!

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Hi there 👋

If you're reading this, most likely, you want to leverage the power of social media in your business...

The good news is that you don't need to spend huge amounts of time and money to make social media work for your business....

This team, will...

Latest stats from December 2020 shows that more than 2 billion users are active on Facebook daily. The fact is: Facebook isn’t just for socializing anymore. It’s for growing your business. However, the figure means nothing if your ads do not reach the right target audience.

Sure, everyone can advertise on Facebook with a few clicks. If you own a Facebook page, I am sure you have received email from Facebook inviting you to boost your post or create your first ad. They sure made it sound easy… and it is.

Until you burnt your budget and still doesn’t get the sales that you need. ​Or… maybe you don’t care about leads or sales. All you want is more like to make your page looks “legit”.

But if you’re not one of those savvy business owners who is already using Facebook to your advantage, chances are you’re losing countless paying customers to the competition… and spinning your wheels with outdated advertising methods that get you little to no results.

In our recent studies, we found that…

You want to use social media to grow your business but there’s a problem: You don’t know where to start!

We’ve been there, and like you we struggled for years trying to crack the code to social media marketing.

We would spend hours online manually posting to social networks until we discovered the RIGHT tools and resources that helped us experience rapid social media growth.

BraiWeb has managed and spent over 6-figure for our clients to bring them both fresh new targeted leads and direct sales daily. 

We do extensive research on your business your customers persona, their desire and emotional pain point, etc, to get you the result you need.

We don’t outsource. We have a full-steam in-house team that works together to create your ad copy, designs, and funnels.

With our formula, we’re so confident that you are absolutely going to LOVE the success you will get, will make the difference in your business. See how we achieve the results…

Again, these secrets are time-tested and PROVEN to work.

Hey there, this is Lusabara, I’m the person behind this gig… And what I’m about to show you might blow your mind.

It was August 2015 when I was hunched over the computer in my bedroom surrounded by crunched up balls of paper discarded around the bed…

I was frustrated, jealous and angry at the people making easy money from Facebook and I thought I’d tried everything to get it to work…

I knew that all the people I was seeing on Facebook promoting the same things day after day, week after week making good profits – so what was I missing and what did they know that I didn’t?

So I locked away for a year and half and devoured every piece of Facebook marketing knowledge know to man – blog posts, training programs, seminars, CDs, reports, videos, members’ area – you name it. I was living, breathing and eating Facebook marketing with every waking hour of my life…

I knew there had to be a way to legally “game” the Facebook system and make money quickly…

A way to generate substantial income without giving into Facebook’s blackmail attempts to get you to pay money and advertise.

After all, Facebook were just trying to force me to spend money advertising with them so they could keep their investors happy! They could have cared less about me and my business!

The very moment you get on Facebook the first thing they try and get you to do is to dip into your wallet and give them money for ads!

Screw that!

“There has to be a better way”, I thought.

Well, for the longest time it looked like all the naysayers were right – I hit stumbling block after stumbling block and had conducted 207 separate tests to try and crack the Facebook nut until finally…

Simply put, I realized that if you can NOT target your customer the right way, YOU can NOT make the sale regardless to what you are selling, how well your ad is crafted, the superb quality of your product or even the exceptionally low price that it is being advertised.

97% of marketers are targeting the WRONG interests making this the #1 cause of FB Ads failure. After years of wasting thousands of dollars and valuable hours on testing, failure & trials, I learned how to INSTANTLY reach my buyer & ideal market within hours.

I learned how to target my products to the PERFECT audience that is literally starving for what I have to offer by the THOUSANDS daily.

Finally start getting results like this, spending $12.69 bucks with FB Ad...

As you can can I started getting High Relevance Ad Score 👌😀


Yes, I spent $12.69 bucks. (This is July 2020)

Since then, the rest is history.

Sure, let me tell you the million-dollar trade secret….

I can’t stress enough just how CRITICAL targeting is!

Knowing WHO and HOW to target in your Ads is absolutely CRUCIAL to make lots of money with FB ads. It’s the difference between you and all the successful top FB advertisers out there.

Our Facebook Advertising Strategy combines all the important information with in-depth targeting strategies and methods. Every type of product and niche is covered…

Your customers want more. They want more content, yet only give you a few seconds to deliver it. Because that’s how fast, they are consuming information. That’s how fast, they are clicking and buying.

And that’s how fast, YOU need to think, create, publish and broadcast your message to get their attention so they can click and buy from you.

So yes, it’s all about speed.
Speed of IMPLEMENTATION to be specific.

The good NEWS is, I’m also part of social media management team here at BraiWeb!


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